Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Choosing An Appropriate Scratching Post

Now we will discuss the characteristics of a scratching post according to your cat. There are many things that we need to look carefully. If it is not appropriate scratching post is likely the original function will fail.

The first thing we should be concerned with is the height of the post. make sure the scratching post that has a height of more than your cats body length. we are used to seeing a cat will extend the body he could. If the scratching post are too short cat will easily lose interest.

The second thing is the scracthing post it should be is strong and stable. we need to know that the cat is always scratching on a stable surface. If we look carefully, cats love to scratch on trees because they are strong. When a cat scratching on a surface, a cat will scratch with his full efforts while damning the whole body on the surface. if the scratching post are not strong and easy to topple, of course, the cat will leave it.

The third thing is, to select a suitable scratching surface. some cats like to scratch on tree bark or wood surface. There is also a cat likes to scratch the surface of the carpet or fabric.But actually, a cat like scratching on the surface that it can sink her nails on the surface. cats will actually choose surface rather rough, but not injuring her foot.
So choose an appropriate scratching post and has a suitable material.
If you take care of this matter you will be able to train your cat scratchs on the scratching post you provide.

Good Luck...